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Prostate Cancer Specialist


Radiation Oncologist

About Dr. Scott Dahlbeck

Dr. Dahlbeck has over 15 years of experience in radiation oncology, with a special expertise in the research and treatment of prostate cancer. 

Dr. Dahlbeck has accordingly been the principal investigator of cutting-edge clinical trials in prostate cancer and has continued his pursuit of innovative cancer therapy discoveries, through the investigation of a promising new form of cancer therapy research and treatment called immunotherapy. 

This passion for excellence reflects the mission of the Aurora Cancer Center, which has always been to deliver compassionate innovation, in conjunction with industry-leading services.  Consequently, Dr. Dahlbeck is honored to be a part San Antonio’s premier cancer therapy center. 

When not working on cancer-related programs, Dr. Dahlbeck enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren and fine-tuning his alternate tennis ego as the “next Roger Federer” of oncology.

Better Prostate Cancer Care is Our Mission

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